Backflow Inspection Services

L. PUGH & ASSOCIATES Provides inspections and maintenance for a variety of fire protection and life safety equipment including fire sprinkler systems per NFPA #25, Fire Extinguishers according to NFPA #10, Pre-engineered fire suppression systems according to NFPA #17 and #17A, Fire Alarm System per NFPA #72 and inspections and tagging of backflow preventers.

L. PUGH & ASSOCIATES employees are trained and certified as required by local and state regulations and our inspectors are certified by University of Florida TREEO Center.

To help keep our public water clean it must be isolated from undesirable reversal of water flow or mixtures of water with liquids, gases or toxic health hazard substances into the distribution of the potable water system. Backflow Prevention assemblies provide that protection and must be tested a least annually.

L. PUGH & ASSOCIATES offers this service throughout the State of Florida.

Testing, installation and service of all your fireline backflow needs.

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